How to 101

Formula Feeding Enters the Convo

Formula is a common tool for breastfeeding parents. Whatever your reason for using formula, it is a personal choice and there is no shame in that game (or, well, there shouldn’t be). This is your official Formula 101: from the different types of formula to reasons why.

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Bottles 101: The Sh*t You Need to Know

Introducing the bottle is key to avoiding bottle rejection and nipple confusion. Plus, it has the added benefit of providing a little break from breastfeeding.

Mixed Feeding: It Takes Two

Newsflash: you can breastfeed and still use formula. Explore what "mixed feeding" is and how it might work for you.

Ways to Feed Your Babe

Swehl goes back to the basics as we explore our four ways to feed your baby: Exclusive Breastfeeding, Pumping, Formula Feeding and Mixed Feeding.

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