How to 101

Milk Storage & The 5 / 5 / 5 Rule

Learning how to store your milk is foundational to pumping. How long can you leave it out, rules around mixing temperature, and properly marking milk can feel overwhelming at the beginning. Our 5 / 5 / 5 rule simplifies the process.

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Get Pumped Up: The Basics of Pumping

Breast pumps can be super confusing. We demystify assembly (um, what is a "duckbill"?), functionality, and of course, how to clean each of the parts.

Bottles 101: The Sh*t You Need to Know

Introducing the bottle is key to avoiding bottle rejection and nipple confusion. Plus, it has the added benefit of providing a little break from breastfeeding.

WTF Even is a Flange?

Identifying the right flange size can make or break your pumping experience. We explore how flanges work and how to find the perfect fit for your nipple.

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