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Meet Swehl's Motherboard

Meet the Swehl Motherboard, our incredible team of doctors, doulas and lactation experts behind the magic at Swehl. These badass women are paving the way in their respective fields, and we could not possibly find them to be any groovier.


Breast Milk: It’s The Tits

From lowering risks of disease for parent and baby to exhibiting literal shape shifting properties (!), discover why breast milk really is the tits.

The Stages & Phases of Milk

Explore the stages of breast milk, with a spotlight on colostrum (i.e. liquid gold!), an explanation of hindmilk vs. foremilk and more.

Breastfeeding Positions - Because Options.

Swehl’s Lactation Advisor Morgan Dixon explores five common breastfeeding positions including Cradle, Cross-Cradle, Football Hold, Side Lying and Laid Back.

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